VJ People

VJ Editorial Team

The VJ Editorial Team consists of the Editors-in-Chiefs and General Editors, most of whom are experienced junior to senior practitioners and academics, as well as Administrative Editors and Technical Editors.

Derya Durlu Gürzumar
Senior Editor-in-Chief

Oguzhan Samanci

Rinat Gareev
Technical Editor

Sneha Rath
Technical Editor

Julian Juhasz
Technical Editor

Daniela-Olivia Ghicajanu
Technical Editor

Louk Middelhoek
Technical Editor

Marco Bottin
Administrative Editor

Jessica Rado
Administrative Editor

VJ Board of Advisors

Professor Franco Ferrari 
Professor of Law New York University Director, Center for Transnational Litigation, Arbitration and Commercial Law 

Professor Henry Gabriel 
Professor of Law
Elon University School of Law 

Professor Dr. Peter Huber 
Chair of Private Law, Conflict of Laws and Comparative Law
Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz 

Professor Dr. Christopher Kee 
Professor, Dean of College of Business, Government and Law
Finders University

Ms. Karen Mills 
KarimSyah Law Firm 

Professor Dr. Ingeborg Schwenzer 
Dean Swiss International Law School
Professor of Law Emeritus, University of Basel 

Professor Jeffrey Waincymer 
Professor of Law, Faculty of Law
National University of Singapore

Professor Ulrich G. Schroeter
Professor of Law
University of Basel

Ms. Elisabeth Opie
International Technology Lawyer
Office of Elisabeth Opie

Professor Loukas Mistelis
Clive M Schmitthoff Professor of Transnational Commercial Law and Arbitration
Queen Mary University of London