Vindobona Journal Volume 25.1

We are thrilled to announce the comeback of the Vindobona Journal with the publication of Volume 25 Issue 1 in May 2023. This issue comprises four academic articles on contemporary legal issues surrounding international commerce and trade law:

1) Peng Guo: “Effects of Hardship under the UNIDROIT Principles: Problems and Solutions”

2) Riccardo Rossi: “Article 42 of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods: The Equilibrium Lying Under a Cryptic Provision”

3) Loïc Stucki: “Specific Performance and Article 28 CISG: The ‘Domestic Law Defence’ in the Age of Digital Sales”

4) Abhinav Chahar: “Extent of Third-Party Claims Materializing in Non-Conformity: Analysis in Light of the Favor Contractus Principle”

Stay tuned for the publication of Volume 25 Issue 2!

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